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It’s not easy working in today’s personal injury market. Pressures on time and profit margins mean that case handlers need strong liability decision making skills. However, providing all your staff with high quality training has just got easier! We’ve developed a portfolio of unique and engaging e-learning courses that deliver a solution direct to your desktop. Animated accident scenarios are used to deliver interactive teaching and testing to ensure your staff are expertly trained on liability in road traffic accidents and employers’ liability claims.

Benefits of training for Claimant case handlers

  • have the confidence to make good decisions on liability
  • run the right claims from the outset
  • take a consistent approach to liability
  • process cases quickly
  • work more profitably
  • improve client relationships

Business benefits

  • managers have confidence in staff knowledge
  • flexible training fits easily around work
  • staff progress can be tracked and monitored
  • cost-effective
  • consistent training on the topic of liability
  • reduce the claims life-cycle
  • improve profitability

Motor claims

Slipping and tripping claims