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Ensuring that individual staff members are making consistently strong decisions on liability is critical to the performance of your team, and your company.

Early and accurate decisions on liability have a positive impact on not just your bottom line, but also customer satisfaction and staff motivation. Our unique and engaging e-learning courses use high quality animated accident scenarios to teach staff everything they need to know about liability in road traffic accident and employers’ liability claims.

Interactive teaching and testing online means staff can be trained at a time that suits both them and your business.

Benefits for claims handlers

  • Supports correct liability decisions at FNOL
  • Reduces claim life-cycle times
  • Reduces costs giving greater opportunity to offer third party assistance
  • Removes the frustration of backtracking and duplicating work
  • Increases customer satisfaction by having meaningful conversations early in the process
  • Teaches claims handlers case law and regulations within the context of accident scenarios
  • Develops a deeper understanding through the use of barristers talking through each scenario

Business benefits

  • Training is consistent and can be delivered quickly to new starters
  • It’s not dull so staff are keen to engage and learn
  • Managers have access to reporting and monitoring information
  • Flexible and easy to implement around work commitments
  • Cost effective training that is scalable

Motor claims

Slipping and tripping claims