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Teach your team about liability in Employers’ Liability and Public Liability claims

Our new liability training is designed to helps your claims handlers deal with accidents at work or on someone else’s property.  We’re building a bank of scenarios starting with ‘slipping and tripping’ cases.

With increasing pressures on the profitability of this work type, it’s crucial that those dealing with claims are knowledgeable and confident when it comes to liability decision making.  Our scenarios provide guidance on what evidence is needed to support or defend a claim and what legislation applies.   Then we provide analysis from an experienced personal injury barrister.

About our EL/PL liability e-learning

  • Animated accidents – each with tips on evidence gathering, case law and legislation
  • Barrister video analysis
  • Different accident locations – from hospitals to supermarkets; airport terminals to high streets
  • Different accident types
  • Online tracking so you know the training has been completed
  • Option for online tests – ideal for checking competency and a perfect tool for recruitment too!
  • Flexible training that fits with your schedule
  • Users can be trained in bite-sized chunks – each scenario lasting approximately 10 minutes
  • Consistency of approach – everyone gets the same training
  • Users have unlimited access to all of the scenarios enabling them to go over weaker areas of their knowledge
  • Can be used as ‘point of need’ training to support claims handlers as they work on claims
  • Can be used on mobile devices

Try one of our scenarios

View slips

View trips

View manual handling

View PPE

View assaults

View construction

View Machinery

View working at heights

How it works

Users are given a unique log-in that enables them to access the motor accident scenarios online.

Having viewed the accident animation, users are asked to make an initial decision on liability, with the ability to include a deduction for contributory negligence if appropriate. They’ll be asked to consider evidential points arising from the accident and be shown which legislation applies, as well as relevant case law.

They then watch a short video with a barrister’s analysis of the likely outcome of a claim.

How to buy

We have flexible packages to suit different requirements and budgets. From large teams to just single users, our online courses can be accessed by everyone.

Single user – buy a licence for an individual

Course package – select the topics you want for an individual or a group

Full package – access to all our Employers’ and Public Liability scenarios, plus all new scenarios we launch during the licence period

For large numbers of users we can provide SCORM files for you to host on your own LMS.  


We are developing new liability scenarios covering:

  • Workplace equipment
  • Moving patients
  • Working with ladders