The cost of motor insurance fraud in 2017 was £775m – and that was just the frauds that were detected. So it’s vital that claims handlers know what to look out for and refer to their fraud teams.

This course provides guidance on the red flags that claims handlers should look out for.


As a result of completing this course, your staff will know:

  1. the three different ways in which insurance fraud arises in motor claims
    1. Induced accidents
    2. Staged accidents
    3. Fundamental dishonesty
  2. the warning signs that might indicate a fraudulent clam
  3. what further information you should try to gather
  4. what to do if you suspect a claim is fraudulent


This e-learning course looks at three kinds of fraud in motor claims

  • induced accidents
  • staged accidents
  • fundamental dishonesty

The course uses accident reconstructions and case studies to highlight what claims handlers should be looking out for.  There is a pdf download at the end of the course.

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