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Help with recruiting motor claims handlers

Ensuring you recruit the right people for the job is critical to any business.

If you manage a large team of motor claims handlers, turnover of staff can be high.  So it’s important to make good, quick decisions on who to recruit.

Managers tell us that it can sometimes feel as though they are constantly sifting through applications and conducting interviews to recruit the right people into the team. And sometimes, they don’t get it right.

Online tool for assessing knowledge

We have developed on online tool that you can use to find out which candidates have the knowledge and experience of motor claims that they claim to have in their application.

The tool has five animated accidents for candidates to watch and give their view on liability.   You can ask candidates to complete as many of the scenarios as you want.   Then you can access reports which show the answers your candidates have given.   It’s a really quick way to find out which candidates have the knowledge and skills you are looking for.

You can also use the tool during interviews to ask candidates to talk through their approach to making a decision on liability.   The tool allows the interviewer to access a barrister’s analysis of liability with links to the relevant rules in the Highway Code.

For law firms and insurers, the tool helps to reduce the time spent in the recruitment process. For recruitment consultants, it means your candidates are more attractive to organisations as they have passed a preliminary ability test.

We can even adapt the tool so you can choose which accident scenarios you would like to include.


You can buy an annual licence for unlimited use or individual licences for ad hoc use.

If you’d like to take a look and see whether the tool would work for you, please get in touch with Jody Jezusek for a trial login contact –

If you already have a login click to view recruitment tool