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Liability in road traffic accident claims – e-learning

Running RTA claims in the current climate means working with tight profit margins, so it’s vital staff at all levels are making the right liability decisions at the outset of the claim.

Understanding liability issues and spotting what evidence is needed to make or defend a claim is foundation knowledge for all good RTA teams. It doesn’t matter how efficient all your other systems are – if your staff don’t get the fundamentals right on every claim then you will be wasting money on claims that should either settled or dropped at the earliest chance.

About RTA liability e-learning

  • 100+ animated road traffic accidents – each with tips on evidence gathering, case law and legislation (where necessary) and barrister analysis
  • Covers different accident locations – from country roads to roundabouts; carparks to motorway
  • Covers different accident types – from those involving pedestrians to motorbikes; animals to emergency vehicles
  • Online tracking so you know the training has been completed
  • Option for online tests – ideal for checking competency and a perfect tool for recruitment too!
  • Flexible training that fits with your schedule
  • Users can be trained in bite-sized chunks – each scenario lasting approximately 5 minutes
  • Consistency of approach – everyone gets the same training
  • Users have unlimited access to all or any of the scenarios enabling them to go over weaker areas of their knowledge
  • Use on mobile devices

Try one of our scenarios

How it works

Users are given a unique log-in that enables them to access the motor accident scenarios online.

Having viewed the accident animation, users are asked to make an initial decision on liability, with the ability to apportion blame as they see fit. They’ll be asked to consider evidential points arising from the accident and be shown which part of the Highway Code applies, as well as relevant case law.

Having considered these further points, users are given the opportunity to change their mind on liability, before being shown a short video analysis by a barrister.

How to buy

We have flexible packages to suit different requirements and budgets. From large teams to just single users, our online courses can be accessed by everyone.

Single user – buy a licence for an individual or group

Course package – select the courses you want for an individual or a group

Full package – access to all our motor claims scenarios, plus all new curses we launch during your licence period

For large numbers of users we can provide SCORM files for you to host on your own LMS.  

RTA recruitment test

Road traffic accident liability

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